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I have two dogs, Mimosa a three year old red heeler terrier mix and Vader a 6 month old Doberman husky mix. Mimosa has a lot of allergies, most of them are outside allergies but she is also allergic to potatoes and rice which is used as a base in almost all dog foods. One day I found pet wants Denver dog food and was surprised to find a food with no potato and no rice! I set up a free sample and was impressed by Jess and her knowledge and warm presence but even more thrilled when Mimosa ate her food just as fast as Vader (normally it takes her so long to eat or she won't finish her food at all). We have been using Pet Wants for a few months now and the dogs still love the food and are both so excited for meal times. I will never try another dog food again! The quality and freshness was enough for me to sign up but the happiness of my pups is what will keep me! Thank you Jess and Pet Wants for providing Mimosa and Vader with delicious and nutritious food!
-Nicholette Martinez

Pet Wants has been the best decision we have made for our two German Shorthaired Pointers.  Their food is amazing, our dogs love it, and I cannot say that enough.  The food is made fresh and you can tell a difference, our pups can’t seem to get enough.  We personally love that we know the food is made fresh and with wonderful ingredients that will help our pups strive and help them to live a healthy life! Pet Wants also has that personal touch, when you talk to Jess you can tell that she cares not just about selling dog food but about each pet as well!  We love that there is someone out there committed to giving our dogs the same care that we do!! Thank you Pet Wants and Jess!
-Patrick, Lexie, Remmi, and Dakota

I had a hard time getting my online account to work (it ended up being as simple as a mistyped email address). I contacted Pet Wants and they responded immediately! I was so grateful for the amazing customer service I received! Jess was INCREDIBLE and made sure ordering from Pet Wants was super easy. My pup loves her food, and I feel like a truly valued customer!

Fabulous pet food shopping experience! Staff is very informed and knowledgeable about pet food and pet nutrition. Pet products offered are well researched and the best available. Delivery service is reliable & a must! Shopping Pet Wants for your pet food needs will ensure your pet with a long & healthy life!
Kathy N.

I try to live a Eco-conscious life with the foods I buy. I feel a great satisfaction knowing that I'm feeding my dog Pet Wants food! My dog, Cali, is a happier and healthier Golden Retriever because of it. Plus, the delivery is an added bonus! It is worth every penny to feed her such great, healthy, and locally made food! Thank you for providing such a wonderful service, Pet Wants!!
- Erin H.

How could you not like this locally owned store? The staff knows what they are selling and believe in the product. The management believes in their staff and pays well above the minimum wage for starting employees. That shows in their commitment to the store and their patrons. Such nice people. Oh....my dog loves the food! All natural ingredients made locally.
- Chris H.

My dog is the pickiest eater! I went in looking for something tasty that he would like! The girl behind the counter was AWESOME. She totally helped me pick out a type she thought he would like and one that was popular with other pups. My dog ate his whole bowl right away!! I was shocked!
- Amanda G.



Certified Food by AAFCO Pet food nutrient
Pet Wants Pet food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Pet food nutrient profiles for “All Life Stages”.